Trabucco Triton Deep Sea 200g

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Definitely boat fishing is one of the most popular style of fishing, and it is typically
done using medium length rods, light but still rigid enough to be able to fight
fish that are often of a very interesting sizes. The Triton rods have been created
to meet this need about easy to use, effective and affordable rods. The blank is
made from Composite Power Fibre and can be used with up to 200 grams lead,
thus being able to fight and pull big fish from the bottom of the sea, while the
top nylon multicolor tip is surprisingly very sensitive and strong at the same time.
Triton are equipped with double leg S-SiC guides and non-slip grip butt section.

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210 cm, 240 cm, 270 cm

Transportna dužina

101cm, 105cm