Trabucco Dayton FD s najlonom

95,20kn (12,64 €) 121,60kn (16,14 €)



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Wide series of reels suitable for different fishing techniques, in fresh water as well as at sea.
Despite the use of a single Long Life ball bearing, the rotation is sufficiently smooth and pleasant,
also thanks to the use of self-lubricating Teflon bushings and multi-stoppe antireverse system.
Micro-adjustable front drag with oversized disks, ultralight Long Cast Superlight spool, ATS line
roller (Anti Twist System), balanced handle with ergonomic knob grip. The smaller models, such as
1000 and 2000, are perfectly suited to light and ultralight spinning, while 3000 and 4000 find wide
chances with the bolognese and in commercial lakes. The larger models, such as 5000 and 6000, thanks
to the high capacity of the spool, can be used in bottom fishing and sea fishing. Reels with already
spooled Max Plus monofilament, thus ready to fish straight out of the box.

Dodatne informacije

Gear Ratio

5.5:1 (102 cm), 5.5:1 (77 cm), 5.5:1 (80 cm), 5.5:1 (84 cm), 5.5:1 (90 cm), 5.5:1 (95 cm)

Spool capacity

0.20 – 175 m, 0.20 mm – 195 m, 0.30 – 170 m, 0.35 mm – 145 m, 0.40 – 210 m, 0.45 mm – 195 m