Trabucco Corsaro Pro Deep 150g

19,38 (146,02 kn) 29,60 (223,02 kn)


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Extremely strong rod dedicated to fishing from the boat on depths ranging from
30 to 80 meters. The very sturdy Powerfibre blank has the right rigidity to force                                                                                                              fish off wrecks or rocks. The solid fiberglass top is, however, very sensitive
and allows for a perfect reading of what is happening on the bottom and on our
bait. The excellent characteristics of these rods are enclosed in a compact closed
length, double-leg S-SiC guides which are salt proof and can also be used with
the braided lines.

Dodatne informacije


1.50m, 1.80m, 2.10m, 2.40m



Transportna dužina

80cm, 87cm


1.50m – 3 1.80m – 3 2.10m – 4 2.40m – 4