Trabucco Bombarde Fondo 25.0g

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Developed and engineered by Trabucco team for lake trout competition, these bombardas
are made from EVA, a material which is known for the resistance to shocks and for
its elasticity against compression. But there is something more, because the artificial
nature of this material offer a consistent buoyancy, due to the even distribution of the
air bubbles throughout the volume. Consequently, their behaviour in action is very much
stable from one piece to another, and also during its life. In water, they sink according
to four different plans and keep an almost horizontal attitude during the retrieve. That’s
important to ensure that the hookbait travels at regular depth, as well as offering the
highest sensitivity. The action displayed in water depends from weight and position of
brass stabilizers, which are placed in the heart of the body. The tubular stem is made
from high strength plastic and is coloured to allow quick identification of each model.

Weight and sinking speed ratio make this bombarda perfect
to work at a depth between 3 and 6 metres, with a relatively
quick retrieve to attract the most aggressive trout.

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