Trabucco Achab Tekno Sea

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One-piece rods built from HRC Fibreglass, offering a remarkable structural
strength and power, with two actions identified through blank’s colour. Thanks to
some special features, we created tools that, in just 120/150 cm of length, are
able to manage up to as many as 200 grams of lead weight. The S-SiC guides and
the other components have been protected against saltwater corrosion, making
these rods excellent allies in any situation on the boat. Versatile and powerful,
the Achab Tekno Sea are able to face both the bolentino at Sea Bream, Gilt-head
Bream, Striped Sea Bream and light trolling to Bonitos, Pompanos, Saddle Bream,
Mackerel and young Bluefish.

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120 cm, 150 cm


150g, 200g

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120cm, 150cm