Rapture Power Minnow Fork Tail 75mm



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Designed to perfection, the Power Minnow is one of the most realistic baitfish imitations on the market.

Featuring three different tailed models in two sizes: a tapered split tail model, a tantalizing spiral tail and a kicking thumper tail. Featuring also an holographic core, and amazingly correct detailing, all of these elements are incorporated into a soft yet durable body construction that enables the Power Minnow to come to life with the slightest movement. Available in 5 incredible colours, the Power Minnow is also available in both 3-inch and 4.5-inch sizes. The inner part of the body features an holographic core that gives a true 3D effect as you never saw before. The holographic core is tubular and so predators can detect it from whatever position. The normal holographic inner foils used on cheaper baits cannot allow this. The big 3D eye is not a new feature on a soft bait. The Rapture innovation has been the eye positioning: between the main soft plastic body and an outer soft transparent skin. In this way the bait can be used again and again without risking to lose its eyes.

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