K-Karp Dyna-Tex Power Braid 450m

41,81 (315,02 kn)


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An excellent braided line wholly yarned by Dyna-Tex, the special fibre invented and developed by our Karp
K-Team. Dyna Tex features an extraordinary compactness, associated with a very small diameter compared
to the tensile strength and it presents “zero” elongation. This combination makes it ideal for fishing
at long range and even extreme range. Moreover, the strong resistance to abrasion and knot strength provide
a virtually unlimited use over time and in any fishing situation. Especially good when used in swims
containing snags, weed and gravel where wear resistance is essential. The green colour gives camouflage on
most lake bottoms.

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0.24mm, 0.30mm



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0.24mm – 13.61kg 0.30mm – 20.41kg