CarpZoom V-Sat K-470 Bite Alarm Set 3+1


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A set of 3 bite alarms and a receiver with all the necessary functions. Comes in a handy and durable case.

-Compact design

-Rubber paint surface

-Long Range Signal (200m depending on the conditions)

-Adjustable Sensivity  & Volume & Tone

-Drop back function

-Bright high quality long-life LEDs

-Long battery life

-Power Out Socket for Hangers and Swingers

-Mute Mode Selection on the receiver

-Belt clip on receiver

-Alarms: 3 X 1,5V AAA batteries (not included)

-Receiver: 3 X 1,5V AAA battery (not included)

-Strong Case

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V-Sat K-470 Bite Alarm Set 3+1